TOTUM is the result of musical copulation between 2 talented beings……

Tweedie has been inserting his guitar noise into the eardrums of innocent people for over 20 years now..... from rockin out in primary school, to running the popular covers band PUSH for over 10 years, to touring with the Aussie pop icon, PETE MURRAY and US sensation TONI CHILDS

On days off, you'll encounter him in his studio.. working with other artists or on his own projects including…..
but as a result of this carnal knowledge... TOTUM is his new little nursling ... :-)
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He is raising this new born with his beautiful partner Jo Rigby, who's voice possesses a demand for attention and sends an influx of sharp shivers when ever it's let free...
The mother of this young nipper has been exploring all walks of music for years and survived with a distinct style and amazing ability not endowed by many others... GET SHIVERS HERE>>>

As TOTUM develops, it is growing into a messenger of distinctive original music and is developing a good eye for great songs and making them its own...

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